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Kildeer Water Softeners: How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Water Softener!

In this blog, you will learn: Kildeer water softeners are essential for eliminating hard water from the home. There are three main types of water softeners: ion exchange systems, salt-free systems and reverse osmosis systems. The most important factors to consider when buying a water softener are where it was manufactured, NSF certification, warranty coverage […]

9 Common Well Water Problems and How to Easily Solve Them

In this blog, you will learn: There are many common well water problems, including film on dishes, orange stains and oily water. The cause of these common problems include hard water and contaminants like iron and hydrogen sulfide. You can solve these problems with water treatment equipment, such as reverse osmosis systems, chlorine injection systems […]

Sump Pump Systems and Battery Backups – Your Expert Guide

In this blog, you will learn: Sump pumps are electrical devices designed to remove water from a home’s basement or crawl space. Sump pumps can protect your home from water damage, flooding, mold, fires and other costly problems. You need to regularly inspect and clean a sump pump system for the best results. A sump […]

Is Bottled Water Safe to Drink? The Answer May Surprise You!

In this blog, you will learn: Bottled water isn’t necessarily of a higher quality than tap water. The FDA does a poor job of regulating bottled water and keeping it safe. The best bottled water brands make their water test results available to the public. Investing in a water filter is a safer, less expensive […]

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