The facts and fiction behind alkaline water

Whether it’s reverse osmosis or straight from the tap, water is an essential part of life. But what does it mean when the water you’re  drinking is alkaline water? Some experts have disputed the benefits of being alkalized but others have experienced its health effects.


What is alkaline water?

When you turn on the tap and water flows from it, it’s filled with dissolved solids like dust, salt and minerals. These impurities influence the pH of the water and also the quality. Pure water, or water without impurities has a pH level close to 7. Reverse osmosis water has a pH level close to 5.

Alkaline water is different from tap water and reverse osmosis water because it retains a pH above 7. Because of the alkalinity in this water, some people believe the body will become less acidic while creating an internal environment that fights disease.

Possible Benefits of Alkaline Water

Gut health: The negative charge in ionized water could protect your immune system and improve the environment of your stomach and intestinal lining.

Boosts athletic performance: If a body’s environment is acidic, fatigue will set in. That’s why athletes and professional athletes will opt for alkalized water. It can help boost performance and decrease the effects of dehydration.

Cleansing properties: Drinking alkaline water can help remove fecal matter from the colon. This helps decrease the constipation, bloating or other issues related to digestion.

Problems associated with Alkaline Water

Health experts and doctors are skeptical of alkaline water because the human body is already designed to manage its own pH. Each organ system can regulate itself and adding alkaline water can disrupt the fragile balance.

If the body’s pH is already out of balance, identifying the underlying cause is essential. Adding alkaline water can cause serious harm if imbalances are left unchecked.




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