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Best Water Softeners 2023: How to Find the Right One for You

Even in 2023, hard water is a nuisance for countless Americans. In contrast to general contamination, water “hardness” is the amount of dissolved sediment in water. Though hard water might not sound any worse than a bottle of mineral water, it presents a whole cocktail of inconveniences, including brittle hair, cloudy stains on dishes, faded […]

Glass of water with green lines over it, indicating it smells like sulfur

What’s the Best Solution for When Your Water Smells Like Sulfur?

Phew! Your water smells like sulfur again, wafting out whenever you turn on the tap. Where’s that rotten egg odor coming from, anyway? The answer may be hydrogen sulfide, sulfur bacteria or iron bacteria in your water. These pollutants occur in many people’s water supplies across the country, most typically in well water. In higher […]