Why does my water smell or taste metallic?

Water Smells Like Metallic by Angel Water Inc.Are you beginning to notice a metallic taste in your mouth when drinking water at home? There are a variety of reasons this can occur. Water softeners in Barrington may be just what you need. Angel Water Inc. is here for you.

If it’s a new development, try simply running the tap for a few minutes as sometimes that’s enough to clear the elements causing the taste. If the metallic taste persists, here are a few common reasons.

Minerals like copper, iron and manganese (to name a few) can deposit themselves in your pipes or be lingering in your water and could be the culprit. Certain minerals can even affect the color of the water and cause stains on household plumbing fixtures. Sometimes water naturally possesses excessive mineral content, and other times these minerals are picked up along the way by corrosive water and varying metals in pipes.

Another cause for metallic tasting water can be new construction. It is common for newly built homes to have water that tastes metallic because the plumbing has not yet had the required time to build up lime precipitate. Lime precipitate is that filmy chalk like layer we see in older pipes and it essentially acts as the middle man between the water and the pipe, protecting the pipes from corrosion and the water from picking up extra minerals or tastes along the journey.

Generally speaking that metallic taste can fade with time and isn’t usually too harmful to health, however certain minerals like lead and copper can cause serious illness if ingested frequently.

What is my solution?

To be on the safe side, it is important that water be tested and treated accordingly if the taste persists. Angel Water Inc. is here for you! Our water filters have been bringing clean, healthy water and peace of mind to families like yours for over forty years. Call us today for water softeners in Barrington.

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