Why is there Oily Film Floating on Water?

Why is there Oily Film Floating on Top of My Water?

It is hard to know exactly what is in our drinking water. Many contaminants can enter the water supply without us knowing and cause serious side effects while others just leave our water with a cloudy appearance or an oily film. No matter where your water comes from it can easily become contaminated by many different things. If you are concerned about contamination, call Angel Water today to have your water tested.

Most people would assume that an oily film floating on water indicates that oil or Oily Film on Water by Angel Water Inc. petroleum products are in the water, which may be, but this isn’t always the case. One cause of oily film on water is when iron-containing minerals such as hematite and limonite come in contact with water which contains a large amount of organic matter. The iron-containing minerals will dissolve and when coming into contact with air they will oxidize. Upon mixing with the un-dissolved minerals they will form an oily appearance. Although unpleasant, this will not generally cause any serious health problems. If your water comes from a well, excessive iron bacteria can be due to a well that was drilled too close to a lake or pond that isn’t treated, or by using a worn out well pump.

Another, more serious cause of an oily film is caused by a leaking underground storage tank. This could indicate that the water has indeed come into contact with some type of oil. This is much more dangerous and should be fixed immediately.

If you are not sure what the cause of the oily film is, there is an easy indicator. Stir the water with a stick. If you notice the oily film breaking up it is most likely caused by an iron oxide mineral. If the film does not break up when swirling the water this indicates that oil is in the water.

What is my solution?

Angel Water Inc. can perform tests to help you figure out what is causing the film and advise you to which steps need to be taken to purify your water such as installing a whole-house water filter to prevent contaminants from reaching your faucet. A whole-house water filter treats your problem water directly at the source, so you enjoy the benefits of cleaner, fresher water from every faucet. Call Angel Water today to have your water tested.

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