Why Does My Hair Feel Brittle After I Shower?

There are several factors to feeling dissatisfied when it comes to your hair. Your first question is what am I doing wrong? The million-dollar question can usually be answered within your own home.

The water in your very own household can be the true problem making your hair feel Water Softener by Angel Water Inc.unbearable. The problem at hand is the hard water coming through your pipes. Hard water can cause hair to be dry and straw-like which result in split ends that cannot be easily repaired. The process is vicious and you will have to wash your hair more often making it less manageable.

Most in the U.S. have to wash their hair with hard water. The reactions to hair between hard and soft water are significantly different.

Households with hard water can contain multiple factors including chlorinated, mineralized or fluoridated water. Hard water has a high mineral content, usually containing calcium, magnesium, bicarbonates and sulfates. As the mineral increases, so does the degree of hardness.

Each hair is made up of little scales. The hard water tends to make the scales stand up. Creating a rough and tangled feeling. A healthy and cost efficient way to solving the problem is simply switching to softer water.

What is my solution?

As much of a nuisance as hard water can become for your household, there is a solution to be found. Water softening can remove the minerals that cause all that unsightly build up, and carbon or activated carbon filtration. Washing your hair in soft water will leave fewer insoluble deposits on the hair. Making you feel like perfection; instead of constantly itching and creating dead ends.

Our filtration systems are of only the highest quality, ready to do the tough job of presenting that nasty build up and keeping your hair looking and feeling its best. We are committed to providing a solution that is best for your family, the environment, and your peace of mind.

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