There are Particles Floating in My Water!

Have you ever gone to take a sip of a fresh glass of water and noticed something floating in there? It can be an unpleasant sight but luckily these floaters aren’t usually harmful to your health. Don’t worry, Angel Water Inc. in Barrington has you covered! To better understand where the particles could be coming from you must first recognize that these particles can come in a few different colors from white, to tan, to brown, to orange, to black

White or tan particles generally come from naturally occurring mineral deposits like calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate. These minerals can build up in your pipe systems over time and eventually break off into your water. A water softener can alleviate this problem although at first it will also aid in more particles breaking off into your water.

the particles in my water are small black specks?

Black particles aren’t naturally occurring but are still generally nothing too serious or challenging to get rid of. If the particles look similar to coffee grounds, chances are they are coming from a water filter. Water filters contain granular activated carbon that break down over time and sneak their way out of the filter and into the glass.

A simple change of the filter should solve this problem. If the black particles look more oily or rubbery, this is probably coming from a deteriorated faucet washer or flexible supply hose. The chlorine in water can break down these parts over time. Again the solution is relatively simple, replacing the hose with one that has a protective lining should do the trick. Angel Water Inc. is your source for carbon filters in Barrington.

Is my water safe to consume ?

Brown or orange particles can be indicative of a few things. If you have a well system, it’s possible that sand or dirt has made its way into the well at some point. Within your water pipes or water mains it is also possible that small peoples of steel have rusted away and broken off, these particles are usually hard, irregularly shaped little pieces that can be any color from orange to black.

They are mostly made of iron and not hazardous to your health, although they can clog shower heads and aerator screens. If the particles look more bead like, around the size of fish eggs, chances are you have a broken water softener. Inside water softeners are small beads used for filtering water and sometimes these beads break away and release into your water. This is where you should call a professional immediately to fix or replace your water softener.


If you are experiencing any combination of these floaters, Angel Water Inc. has a solution for you. Installing one of our Sediment or Pre-Filters will do the trick to strain visible particles from your water and keep your filtration system running smoothly. We are committed to only the highest quality products and services for both your family and the environment.
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