Why is my water is leaving reddish, brown stains on my appliances?

Reddish Brown Stains by Angel Water Inc.Is your water leaving reddish, brown stains all over your basins and appliances? This is another common problem found in household water. Angel Water Inc. in Barrington is here to help! The cause is iron and manganese. Iron is the most common contaminant found in water. It is one of the most common elements in Earth’s crust and can be found in ground waters around the world. Manganese is typically found in water where iron is present. As water moves through rock and soil it dissolves these minerals and gets into groundwater. Iron pipes can also corrode and carry iron into the water supply.

Iron and manganese can give water an objectionable color, taste or odor. Both can cause reddish brown stains on dishes, laundry, sinks and fixtures. Many cleaning products do not remove these stains, and some may even make them worse. Iron and manganese can also leave deposit build up in pipes, pressure tanks, water heaters and water softening equipment. These build ups restrict water flow and decrease water pressure. This causes an increase in energy to pump water or heat water and can raise energy and water costs. When iron is present in the water, so is the possibility of iron bacteria. These bacteria feed on the iron. They will leave a reddish-brown or brownish black film in toilet tanks and can clog pipes.

The presence of iron or manganese in water can be detected by its taste and or appearance. Signs that you have iron or manganese present in your water may be an unpleasant metallic flavor. The minerals may also cause your water to react with coffee, tea or other beverages to produce a black, sludgy material. Your water may stain your clothes as well. Reddish-brown or black film in toilet tanks or on faucets is another sign. You may also see reddish-brown or black particles in your tap water. These particles can be from either your pipes or the water supply itself. While you can see these symptoms on your own, it is still best to have your water tested to determine the levels of iron and manganese present.

What is my solution?

Are you fed up with those ugly reddish brown, rusty looking stains all over your sinks or appliances? Our filtration systems are the answer for you. Our high quality whole house filters will do the tough job of preventing unsightly buildups. We are committed to a product of the highest quality that is best for your family, the environment, and your peace of mind.

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