Why does my water smells like rotten eggs?

My Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs by Angel Water Inc.Have you ever smelled a foul odor in your drinking water? Many people have because it is the biggest complaint from most. A common odor in drinking water can be described as the smell of rotten eggs or “sulfur water” odor. If your water smells like rotten eggs, it is most likely being caused by hydrogen sulfide.

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A number of different sources can produce hydrogen sulfide gas. Sulfates are a blend of oxygen and sulfur. They are a portion of naturally occurring minerals in soil and rock formations that contain groundwater. These minerals dissolve over time and are released into the groundwater. Sulfur-reducing bacteria in groundwater use sulfur as an energy source and chemically change sulfates to create hydrogen sulfide. It can also occur naturally in groundwater. Hydrogen sulfide can be formed from decomposing organic matter, which is found in wells and springs. Water heaters can be a source of smell in the water too. The magnesium rod (also known as an anode rod and mag rod) can break down and cause odors in soft water.

There are many different effects hydrogen sulfide has on water users. The most noticeable is the rotten egg odor and foul taste from the water. Usually, the smell is strongest when it is hot water due to the heat forcing the gas into the air. This can be especially noticeable during hot showers. It can also change the color of drinks made with water containing hydrogen sulfide or change the taste of foods cooked in the water. Hydrogen sulfide can also corrode brass, copper, iron and steel, so it is not uncommon for bathroom or kitchen fixtures to be stained or tarnished.

Hydrogen Sulfide can be toxic. It is poisonous and flammable, although such high concentrations are not common. If the gases are released in a small area, they can cause nausea.

What is my solution?

Are you tired of the foul odor in your drinking water? Our filtration systems are the answer for you. Our high quality whole house filters will assist with ridding your water of that uninviting smell. Call Angel Water Inc. in Barrington, IL today! We are committed to a product of the highest quality that is best for your family, the environment, and your peace of mind.

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