Why is my water pressure so low?

My Water Pressure is Low by Angel Water Inc.Low water pressure, although not a critical problem, can be a huge inconvenience for a lot of aspects of day to day life. Angel Water Inc. in Barrington is here to help. Your washing machine takes ages to fill up; you spend more time waiting for the shampoo to rinse from your hair; rinsing your dishes has become more of a chore with the slow drips coming from your faucet. Before you can fix the problem yourself or resort to calling in a professional, let’s first determine the cause.

Low Pressure Throughout Household– check in with your neighbors, are they all experiencing the same low pressure problem? If they are, you can simply install a mechanism that boosts water pressure. However if this problem is limited to your household, first assure that your main shut off valve is all the way open (this can be done without a plumber). If the valve is not the issue, you may have a leak. Survey your basement, garage, for possible leaks. This is where a plumber may need to be called.

Low Pressure in Individual Fixtures– This is generally the easiest issue to resolve. It can be as simple as a clogged aerator from excess particle build up that can be fixed by a simple cleaning. You can attempt a household mixture of vinegar and water, soaking the fixture until it’s clean, or if it’s beyond the point of cleaning, simply purchase a replacement. If the problem still persists, the clog may in fact be in the pipes themselves, which is the time to give your plumber a call.

Low Pressure at Higher Water Temperatures– If you are noticing water pressure drops specific to the temperature of the water, it’s likely an issue with your water heater. This is another case where you should first assure that the shut-off valve to the water tank is open all the way. If this doesn’t help, again, it’s time to call the plumber.

What is my solution?

Is your water pressure becoming a source of hassle or headache? You may need to replace or add a water softener to your system to help avoid build up that can greatly affect your water pressure. For over forty years, Angel Water Inc. has been providing the highest quality water softener systems in Barrington. We’re committed to providing the most efficient and healthy systems for both your family and the environment.

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