Why are my dishes cloudy after I wash them?

Dishes are Cloudy by Angel Water Inc. Ever wash your dishes only to have them dry looking just as dirty as before you “cleaned” them? Or open the dishwasher and think you forgot to press start because your glassware looks foggy or scummy? If your dishes are looking less than sparkling, it could be a problem with your water. Angel Water in Barrington is here for you!

While there are a few other possible solutions to cloudy and scummy dishes such as using warmer water, rinsing soap away thoroughly or cleaning the drain on your dishwasher, chances are you’ve tried those more obvious remedies if you’re still searching the internet for a solution. To find out if your water is in fact the problem, try soaking your scummy glassware in vinegar for five minutes. If the cloudiness clears, hard water is your issue.

When water first hits the ground as rain, it is soft and mineral free. As it moves through the earth it picks up minerals along the way. Hard water contains a very high number of minerals, especially calcium and magnesium ions. When water is hard, soap can’t always effectively break down all that grime and dirt deposited from your water. Not to mention, if you’re rinsing soap away with that hard water you are essentially re-depositing those minerals onto your dishes.

Generally, hard water isn’t a threat to our health. But on top of less than clean looking dishes, these high levels of calcium and magnesium can cause other household problems. This scummy film can accumulate in your sinks and bathtubs and even in your pipes, which can significantly reduce water flow. On your body, skin is often left feeling dry, and your hair can feel like it never quite gets clean. Mineral deposits can also shorten the life of your water heaters and require them to work 30% more, which in turn increases the cost of your utility bill. Hard water also inhibits the foaming action in soap, which can leave your clothes looking dingy, heavy and drab.

What is my solution?

If you have a water softener and are left wondering why your dishes turn out this way, it may be because your water softener is out of salt or has a fault that is preventing the system from working.

Angel Water Inc. has been providing the best Water Softener Systems for over forty years. We’re committed to delivering the most efficient and healthy water softeners for your family and for the environment. Angel Water Inc. offers exceptional value and competitive pricing. Other systems are available by request. If you are looking for water softeners in Barrington, call us today.

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