Why are my clothes discolored and fading?

Have you been noticing your clothes not looking their cleanest even after doing a fresh load of laundry? Are your whites just not as white as they used to be or even taking on a dingy or yellowish brownish tint? It may be time to look past the stain treatments and detergents and into the quality of your water.

Excess calcium, magnesium or iron in water, also commonly known as hard water, is Dull Clothes Iron Buildup by Angel Water Inc.generally the explanation for the unsightly dullness in your clothes. Common signs that your water may contain a high mineral content are that the water may taste slightly metallic and can leave your skin feeling rough and scaly. You may also notice rust colored stains on fixtures, in the sink, or scale build up in your plumbing.

Iron build up can occur in water in a few different ways. It can be as simple as rain water seeping into soil that is rich in iron and then carrying that mineral excess with it on the journey all the way into your home. Iron can also occur from corrosion in piping. A combination of water and oxygen causes iron to deteriorate, which commonly happens in the casings and pipes of well water supplies.

What is my solution?

As much of a nuisance as hard water can become for your household, there is a solution to be found. Water softening can remove the minerals that cause all that unsightly build up, and carbon or activated carbon filtration can help with the removal of unpleasant odors as well as preventing that mineral build up. Our filtration systems are of only the highest quality, ready to do the tough job of presenting that nasty build up and keeping your home and your belongings looking their best. We are committed to providing a solution that is best for your family, the environment, and your peace of mind.

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