Sump Pump Systems and Battery Backups – Your Expert Guide

Here’s Why You Need a Sump Pump and Battery Backup We Chicagoland residents are no strangers to nasty weather. Our summers bring plenty of severe thunderstorms and our winters feature more than enough snow. We are also familiar with the problems wet weather can create in our homes. The threat of a flooded basement is […]

What is Reverse Osmosis and why is it best?

By Andrew J. WIlson When selecting a water filter or water filtration system to improve water quality, there are many questions to ask. There are even more things to consider when investigating Reverse Osmosis and the advantages of it. What does a Reverse Osmosis do? In one word, Reverse Osmosis is opportunity. By removing impurities […]

Wake Up Chicago – To What’s In Your Drinking Water

Do You Know What’s in the Chicago Water System? Find Out What Could Be in Your Drinking Water! Do you know what’s in Chicago water? The reality is that the source of Chicago water, Lake Michigan, is anything but untouched. And for the 6.6 million people in the Greater Chicago Area who depend on the […]

Image of three Chicago homes lining a residential street.

The Problem with Partial Lead Service Line Replacements in Chicago

How Chicago’s Partial Lead Service Line Replacements Worsen the Contamination Problem In case you hadn’t heard, many parts of Chicago have a problem with lead contamination in their water. This issue mainly stems from the fact that the city hasn’t replaced a lot of its old lead service lines. Many of these lines were installed […]

Plastic bottle pouring phthalates in drinking water into a glass

How to Protect Your Health from Phthalates in Drinking Water

Phthalates are Likely in Your Drinking Water. Here’s How to Remove Them! Phthalates are everywhere, even in the water you drink. They can also be bad for your health. It’s easy to be alarmed by these facts. And there is certainly no shortage of news stories about them these days. So, what’s a Chicagoland resident […]

9 Awful Hard Water Effects to Watch Out for in Your Home

These Hard Water Effects Could Be Making Your Life Miserable! Let’s be honest. Life is hard enough as it is without all the extra problems it can throw our way. For example, isn’t it frustrating to work hard all day only to come home and discover your dishwasher broke down? Or what about trying to […]

What Contaminants Do Refrigerator Filters Remove Anyway?

Do Refrigerator Filters Do Enough? The Answer Depends on What’s in Your Water! Stop us if you’ve had this thought before. You’re in your kitchen and would like a drink of water. So, you use the dispenser in your fridge to pour yourself a glass. As you take a sip, the thought hits you: How […]

Who is protecting the Great Lakes?

By David A. Kaiser III Allow me to introduce the Lake Guardian. The US EPA’s Research Vessel. It was just this weekend I stumbled upon this great research ship that is responsible for monitoring, testing and conducting experiments in the Great Lakes. This ship is 180 feet long and weighs in at 850 tons! This […]

Illinois Could Become First State to Ban Microbeads

By Joe Bongiovanni For those of you who do not know, Microbeads are those tiny plastic beads found in lotion, hand sanitizer, soaps, facial cleansers, toothpastes and many other beauty products. They are design to provide friction when scrubbing for a deeper clean. The problem with microbeads is that they get flushed down the drain, […]

Chlorine and its Uses in Water Treatment

By Joe Bongiovanni These days there is a lot of concern about the safety of the water we are drinking. Chemicals in your water can be a very bad thing, but some chemicals are also used to purify and clean water. Water Treatment plants used a variety of chemicals like Calcium Hydroxide, Carbon Dioxide, Hydrated […]

Wake Up Chicago – To What’s In Your Drinking Water

Do You Know What’s in the Chicago Water System? Find Out What Could Be in Your Drinking Water! Do you know what’s in Chicago water? The reality is that the source of Chicago water, Lake Michigan, is anything but untouched. And for the 6.6 million people in the Greater Chicago Area who depend on the […]

How to Protect Your Health from Phthalates in Drinking Water

Phthalates are Likely in Your Drinking Water. Here’s How to Remove Them! Phthalates are everywhere, even in the water you drink. They can also be bad for your health. It’s easy to be alarmed by these facts. And there is certainly no shortage of news stories about them these days. So, what’s a Chicagoland resident […]

Who is protecting the Great Lakes?

By David A. Kaiser III Allow me to introduce the Lake Guardian. The US EPA’s Research Vessel. It was just this weekend I stumbled upon this great research ship that is responsible for monitoring, testing and conducting experiments in the Great Lakes. This ship is 180 feet long and weighs in at 850 tons! This […]

What is a Boil Order? What You Need to Know to Keep Your Family Safe

In this blog, you’ll learn about these main takeaways: A boil order is an advisory to keep you safe from contamination. Boil orders can be issued for many reasons, such as a water main break. Boil orders have been happening frequently throughout Chicagoland. If under a boil advisory, you need to boil water for most […]

Salt vs. Salt-Free Water Softeners: Which is Best for Your Home and Health [Infographic]

This blog includes the following key takeaways: Salt-based water softeners eliminate hard water minerals. Salt-free water softeners condition hard water minerals to not form scale in plumbing but don’t eliminate them. Salt-based softeners offer many more benefits than salt-free systems, with the only drawback being salt usage. We recommend salt-based water softeners to people looking […]

Can I Still Get Quality Support for My Kenmore Water Softener?

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Panic if You Need Service for Your Kenmore Water Softener Buyer’s remorse is the worst! It’s never fun to regret anything, especially when spending money is involved. But you purchased a Kenmore water softener, and then its parent company Sears went bankrupt, so here we are. We can’t blame you for […]

How to Choose Between 5 Popular Naperville Water Softeners

Softer Water in Naperville is Possible with the Right Water Softener! Like many Chicago suburbs, Naperville has a hard water problem. The city purchases Lake Michigan water from the DuPage Water Commission. This water has an average hardness of 8 grains per gallon (gpg). Anything above 1 gpg is considered hard water, and ideally, the […]

How Chicago Water Filters Can Fix the City’s Lead Problem

Here’s Why Chicago Water Filters Are Essential! Chicago residents have a reason to be concerned about their water. Every other week it seems like there’s another news story about Chicagoans having their health threatened by lead contamination. It’s enough to make anyone want to never turn on their tap again and purchase bottled water for […]

Kildeer Water Softeners: How to Avoid Buying the Wrong Water Softener!

Here’s What to Consider When Shopping for Kildeer Water Softeners! Deciding whether to purchase a water softener comes with a lot of uncertainty. We at Angel Water get that! After all, we regularly receive calls and emails from residents of Kildeer, IL, and the surrounding region expressing this uncertainty. They ask things like: How does […]

Is Bottled Water Safe to Drink? The Answer May Surprise You!

Discover the Truth Bottled Water Brands Don’t Want You to Know! Let’s be frank. The drinking water in our country is nowhere near as clean as it should be. Because of this, we’re not at all surprised by the growing popularity of bottled water. According to Consumer Reports, Americans spent $31 billion on bottled water […]

There’s a gross, oily film in my drinking water!

What’s going on with my tap water? If you’ve noticed a weird, iridescent film on the surface of your drinking water, you’re probably a little concerned. Not to worry! There’s a good chance the film isn’t harmful to your health at all, but determining whether it’s a risk or nuisance depends on a few things. […]

Did You Know Angel Water is Now in St. Charles, IL?

Get Water Softeners, Filters, and Chlorine Injection Systems in St. Charles, IL! At Angel Water, we want the entire Greater Chicago region to experience the benefits of clean water! Because of this, we weren’t content to have just one location in Barrington, IL. Instead, we’ve now opened a second location in St. Charles, IL, to […]

How a Whole House Reverse Osmosis System Gets Rid of Silica

Why Get a Whole House Reverse Osmosis System? Let Us Tell You a Story About Silica. At Angel Water, we believe in the power of a whole house reverse osmosis (RO) system. We especially recommend it when it comes to getting rid of harmful contaminants like silica. Many of our customers ask us why we […]

Got Sulfur Bacteria? A Chlorine Injection System Will Help!

Eliminate Sulfur Bacteria with High-Quality Chlorine Injection Systems! Do you get your drinking water from a well system? If you do, then you should know the EPA does not regulate the use of private wells. In other words, the government does not protect your water from contamination! This may sound alarming, but don’t panic. As […]

How to Find Signs of Contamination in Homes with Well Water

Homes with Well Water Aren’t Tested Regularly. Here’s What to Watch Out For! Does your household get water from a well system, rather than public groundwater? If you’re in Illinois, there’s a chance you could be! The Illinois State Geological Survey has records of over 700,000 wells in the state. One of the biggest differences […]

Which is the Best Reverse Osmosis System for Cleaner Water?

Experience the Cleansing Power of the Best Reverse Osmosis System! Did you know that at any given point, there are a host of toxins and contaminants in your drinking water? Everything from arsenic to fluoride to even lead could be in your water glass. You don’t want these chemicals interfering with your health. But how […]

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Dead Water? The Truth May Surprise You!

Discover the Truth About Reverse Osmosis Water! Reverse osmosis water is a hot topic in the water treatment community. The filtration method has grown in popularity over the years, but it is not without its detractors. One common objection to RO water is that it’s “dead water.” This phrase creates a lot of confusion among […]

What are the Health Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water?

Discover the Amazing Benefits of Drinking Filtered Water for Your Health! Everyone wants to be healthier. The sheer amount of diet pills and weight loss supplements in this country are proof positive of that fact. But what if we told you that there was an easier way to improve your health? The truth is the […]

What Causes Legionnaires’ Disease? It Could Be Your Water!

Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Legionnaires’ Disease At Angel Water, we want to protect people from the health hazards of contaminated water. Because of this, we wanted to help raise awareness about America’s most deadly waterborne disease, Legionnaires’ Disease. In recent months, this disease has made headlines in the Chicago region as outbreaks […]


Water Filtration Creates Healthier Water for Your Home and Family! Angel Water has been around since 1972. We started out as a water softener company dedicated to serving the Chicago region. The company had a simple mission back then, and we loved helping people discover the joys of soft water. But fifteen years ago, we […]

Is Chicago Tap Water Safe to Drink?

The Government Says Chicago Tap Water is Safe. Do You Believe Them? At Angel Water, we sometimes encounter water treatment skeptics. These are people who don’t believe they need to do anything extra to treat Chicago tap water. They assume that if the local government and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approve it, then the […]

The Illinois Coal Ash Crisis: How to Defend Your Water

Learn How to Fight Coal Ash Contamination in Our State! A recent report revealed that coal ash contamination in Illinois is worse than we could have imagined. It claims that the groundwater near 22 of 24 coal ash sites contains pollutants that threaten human health. These include carcinogens, neurotoxins, and poisons. These findings are alarming, […]

How to Save Your Water Heater from Death By Calcium

What’s wrong with my hot water heater? You wait forever for your shower to heat up, then have to rush through it to avoid running out of hot water. At the end of the month, your utility bills are sky high. On top of it all, you hear a something banging around inside your water […]

Why are Lead and Chromium-6 Still in Chicago Water?

Chicagoland Residents Should Beware of Toxic Elements in Their Water Here on the Angel Water blog, we make it our mission to keep you well informed about the state of your water. An unfortunate result of this goal is we often must give you bad news. And today’s post is no exception. In the past, […]

How Water Softeners Can Prevent Dry, Itchy Skin This Winter

Did You Know You Can Treat Your Water to Combat Winter Dryness? Winter weather is notorious for drying out skin. However, before you spend another winter paying a fortune for lotions and creams, we want to offer you a better solution: water softeners and water filters. While it may sound strange, the best way to […]

How to Avoid Water Softener Systems Scams Online

Be Wary of These Scams When Shopping for Water Softener Systems! The Internet can be a scary place. Just ask anyone who’s shopped for water softener systems online. They’ll surely have some horror stories to tell about the scams they’ve encountered. You can never be too careful! Sadly, there are people out there that want […]

What’s Alkaline Water and What Water Treatment Method Creates It?

Is Alkalinizing Water a Worthwhile Water Treatment? There are so many water treatment methods and types of water out there. Spring water, mineral water, filtered water, pure water, reverse osmosis water, ionized water, well water, distilled water, alkaline water, and the list goes on. It can be hard figuring out what they all mean and […]

What Do I Need to Know About Well Water?

Learn How to Make Your Well Water Clean and Pleasant If you’re like many residents throughout Chicago and the surrounding region, you may draw your drinking water from a well. This means you’re totally outside of your city’s water infrastructure. While that can be good for avoiding certain types of pollutants like mercury and VOCs […]

What to Do About Particles in Your Tap Water

What’s floating in my tap water? You’ve noticed little flakes or other particulate matter floating in your water glass or bathtub, and you’re worried that, whatever they are, they might be dangerous to your family’s health. Take a closer look to figure out what’s going on. How to identify what those particles are. The easiest […]

What Do I Need to Know About Water Filters?

Explore Our Comprehensive Guide to Home and Commercial Water Filters We’ve all heard the factoid that people are mostly composed of water. This fact is often shared to drive home the point that water is one of the most essential keys to human health and survival. It also implies a question—are you doing enough to […]

How Is Chloramine Used in Water Treatment Facilities?

Learn About this Disinfectant Your Water Treatment Facility May Be Using Would you drink water with ammonia and chlorine mixed in? It may not sound appetizing, but that may be exactly what your water treatment company is putting in your water. Chloramine, a mix of ammonia and chlorine, is increasingly commonly used as a disinfectant […]

Why Licensed Plumbers Should Install All Water Treatment Products

You wouldn’t pay an unlicensed surgeon to illegally operate on you to save a few bucks, would you? If not, you also shouldn’t pay an unlicensed plumber to install the equipment that ensures you have access to safe, clean water. Water softeners and other water treatment products have to meet codes set by the Department […]

Avoid These 3 Cheap Alternatives to Whole House Water Filters

On the market for a water treatment system, but on a budget? You might be tempted to try cheap or DIY alternatives, but be warned: they don’t provide even close to the same water quality. Read on for a breakdown of three alternatives and why they don’t hold up when compared to whole house water […]

What Is the History of Water Treatment?

Did you know water treatment goes back all the way to 2000 BC? In this post, we trace the development of water treatment methodology from its origins, through the ages, and into the modern era. We’ve come a long way from just boiling and straining our drinking water. For the latest in water treatment equipment and […]

What Do I Need to Know About Reverse Osmosis?

Reverse osmosis is one of the most effective methods for securing clean, healthy water in your home or workplace. In this guide, we cover how reverse osmosis works, how it compares to other filtration methods, how to choose an RO system, and how to maintain it once you have it. For more information on this […]

What Do I Need to Know About Water Softeners?

Do your skin and hair get dried out in the shower? Are there water stains on your dishes? Do you worry about your drinking water? If any of those is true, you may need a water softener. Here, we break down all the basics about water softeners, including how they resolve hard water and radium […]

Are NSF-Certified Water Softeners Worth Investing In?

How do you know if water softeners really do what they say they do? One way is to look for NSF certification. Earning this certification shows that a product’s claims hold up to rigorous testing. As a result, these water softeners are more efficient and save you more money over the years. Call Angel Water […]

What Constitutes a High-Quality Water Filtration System?

When you’re buying a water filtration system, how do you judge the quality of a system? First of all, you have to conduct water testing to figure out which contaminants your system needs to eliminate. Next, you need to compare product claims using certifications as your standard. However, you have to pay close attention to […]

What’s BACOG and How Do They Protect Your Water?

Do you know how BACOG protects your water? The Barrington Area Council of Governments (BACOG) is a regional planning organization that serves the local community’s needs. A key part of their mission is to protect access to a clean, sustainable water supply. Read on to see how they pursue this mission by testing water quality […]

How Much Money Does Hard Water Cost You Every Year?

Is hard water costing you hundreds of dollars every year? Hard water negatively impacts the efficiency and lifespan of your water heater and other appliances. It also neutralizes your soaps and cleaning products, forcing you to use more than you need. These factors add up—install a water softener from Angel Water and keep that money […]

Where Do These Contaminants Come From, Anyway?

Water treatment often fails to remove many of the contaminants found in water supplies in Chicagoland. However, where do these pollutants come from in the first place? Here’s a rundown of the origins of some of the most common contaminants in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Learn About the Pollutants that Municipal Water Treatment Misses […]

Did Flash Floods in Lake County Just Pollute Your Drinking Water?

Did you know rain and flooding flushes sewage into your drinking water? Flash floods just hit towns throughout Lake, McHenry, and Cook counties. Flooding in the Chicago region leads to waterways overflowing. Sewage spills into Lake Michigan and other waterways we drink from. Protect your health from this contamination—consider one of Angel Water’s home water […]

The Life Cycle of a Plastic Water Bottle

The environmental impact of plastic water bottles Plastic water bottles are among the most wasteful products we use. Every plastic water bottle requires an enormous expenditure of resources and energy to manufacture. Disposing of them presents a whole new set of problems for the environment. Leaving aside the product itself, each stage of a bottle’s […]

How Does Your Health Suffer Without Purified Water?

Do you feel safe drinking the water in your home? If you’re not drinking purified water that’s been put through an RO system, you probably shouldn’t. We’ve written before about how specific contaminants like lead, mercury, and chromium-6 affect your health when consumed in your drinking water. We’ve also written about how these and other […]

What Does Water Quality Testing Reveal About the Fox River?

Do you get your drinking water from the Fox River? Several towns including Elgin and Aurora draw water from the river. It contains contaminants including mercury, phosphorus, PCBs, fecal bacteria, and more. Find out what’s in your water with water quality testing from Angel Water, and then consult our water experts on what to do […]

5 Ways to Cut Back on Plastic Bottle Waste this Earth Day

It’s almost Earth Day! What are you doing to reduce your impact on the environment? Here’s a great resolution—cutting back on plastic waste. Plastic bottles are responsible for a lot of pollution, and may even affect public health. You can cut back by replacing them with reusable bottles, and recycling ones you do buy. You […]

Can You Trust Bottled Water Companies More Than a Water Purifier?

Bottled water companies say they provide high-quality water, but do you really trust that? To start with, half of them are just selling you the same tap water you get for free at home. The other half misleads consumers about the sources of their spring water. Not only that, but companies often skimp on water […]

Why You Need a Water Purifier to Remove Mercury

Did you know the government says you can’t eat fish high in mercury, but lets you drink the water that fills these fish with mercury in the first place? That’s crazy! Lake Michigan contains mercury from coal-fired power plants lining its shore, and this lake supplies most of Chicagoland’s drinking water. Mercury ingestion can cause […]

Can Water Treatment Make My Water Not Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

You turn on your faucet and suddenly—ugh! That rotten egg smell! You may have hydrogen sulfide in your water. Hydrogen sulfide is a compound that occurs naturally in wells with inadequate wellhead protection but can also enter water supplies in runoff from sewage treatment and other manmade processes. The jury’s out on what the long-term […]

Will a Chlorine Injection System Remove Iron Bacteria?

Iron bacteria may be forming deposits in your well—did you know this slimy rust-colored buildup is made up of not just living bacteria but also dead bacteria and their secretions, sheathes, stalks, and other waste? Gross! These bacteria make your water smell and taste musty and swampy, and stain your fixtures and clothes brown or […]

What Is Reverse Osmosis and How Can It Help Me?

How does a reverse osmosis (RO) system work? First you need to understand diffusion and osmosis. Diffusion is the quality water has where it always tries to spread out evenly in all directions. Osmosis is when it’s kept from being able to do that by solutes, such as minerals or other dissolved materials, whose charges […]

Why Annual Service Visits Costs Less Than Bottled Water Delivery

If you buy bottled water, then you’re paying too much for your drinking water. The average American family spends $615 per year on bottled water at the store, and getting bottled water delivered only reduces this to about $250 per year. Water delivery for a workplace can be more than twice that amount. In contrast, […]

Cost of Maintenance vs New Equipment

It’s easy to take your appliances for granted and forget they’re even there, let alone that they need maintenance. This especially applies for drinking water systems that are hidden in your basement or under your sink. However, “out of sight, out of mind” is a dangerous path. If you neglect to perform maintenance now, you’ll […]

Why You Should Visit Costco for Water Treatment Solutions

In the market for water treatment equipment, but don’t know where to shop for it? Go to Costco! This affordable warehouse retailer is renowned as a “customer service legend” because their code of ethics prioritizes both customer and employee satisfaction. Most importantly though, they put a lot of research into who to partner with. That’s […]

Why Drinking Water Systems Need Annual Service Visits

When you buy a car, do you expect it to last forever even if you don’t perform any maintenance? Of course not! Every piece of machinery needs to have some work done every once in a while to keep it running smoothly, and the same goes for your drinking water system. That’s why you should […]

How to Reduce Plastic Waste: Drinking Water Systems and More

Did you know there’s an island of garbage the size of Texas floating off the coast of California? It’s true! Of that garbage, 90% of it is plastic. This plastic waste threatens our environment and our health, so how do we reduce it? There are lots of ways to get started, like using canvas grocery […]

How Reverse Osmosis Shields You from Erin Brockovich’s Chromium-6

Chromium-6 is a metallic element which, when consumed in even small amounts, causes cancer, kidney and liver failure, ulcers, anemia, reproductive damage, and more. It’s produced by industrial facilities like steel and paper mills, and is found in the water supplies of over 218 million Americans in every state.

Why Well Water Users Need a Chlorination System

Wells are the natural way to get water, so it must be clean and healthy, right? Wrong! Well water doesn’t go through a water treatment plant like municipal water. That means it might contain contaminants like volatile organic compounds, coliform bacteria, lead, and other toxins. Municipal sources disinfect their water with chlorine, so you need […]

Is Bottled Water Bad for Us and Can Drinking Water Systems Help?

Bottled water harms both you and the environment. It’s bad for the earth because it depletes sensitive water sheds, produces massive amounts of pollution during bottling and distribution, and leaves behind tons of plastic waste. It’s bad for you because it doesn’t have to meet state and local regulations, is less frequently tested, and is […]

Why Choose a Reverse Osmosis System to Filter Your Water?

Do you know what reverse osmosis is? There are lots of different filtration techniques out there, including carbon, ion exchange, and ozone, but an RO system beats them all. Osmosis is when water passes through a membrane to reach a solute like salt. Reverse osmosis forces water the opposite direction, leaving behind toxic solutes and […]

The Importance of a Water Softener

Notice any stains or smells from your water? Like most US households, you probably have hard water. Your water has picked up all sorts of dissolved minerals and contaminants before reaching your home. It stains your fixtures, dries out your skin and hair, and corrodes your appliances. A water softener from Angel Water will eliminate […]

How to Stay Safe from Lead in Your Drinking Water

The potential for lead in your drinking water In recent years, especially since the water crisis in Flint, Mich., many of us have become a lot more concerned about the presence of lead in our drinking water. In the Chicagoland area, 80% of households receive their water through service lines that contain lead-based plumbing components. […]

Lead in City Pipes: Infographic

Is your drinking water poisoning you? In Chicago, 80% of properties are connected to decades-old water mains that contain lead. As they corrode, these water mains contaminate your drinking water, contributing to 10-20% of your overall lead exposure. This contributes to lead poisoning, which causes serious damage to the nervous system, brain, and other organs. […]

Don’t Be a Filter—Buy a Filter

What happens to your body when you drink unfiltered water? The answer is your body has to filter the water itself. Your liver tries to break down toxins into more manageable substances, but if it gets overwhelmed it has to store toxins in fat reserves. Your kidneys filter toxins out of the bloodstream to dump […]

Water Testing in Chicago

Chicago has just announced it will test drinking water in vulnerable neighborhoods for lead. This comes in the wake of the crisis in Flint, where thousands have been poisoned. About 80% of Chicago properties are connected to water mains that contain lead, and low-income African American neighborhoods are most affected. It goes to show, you […]

Lead Contamination Appears Across the Country

Could your home be the next Flint? Over 2,000 US water systems test positive for high levels of lead contamination, and more than half of this country’s homes could contain lead plumbing. Many of those systems also supply day cares and elementary schools. Lead poisoning is a serious problem that results in cognitive difficulties, headaches, […]

How Does Clean Water Change Lives?

This World Water Day, the theme is “Better Water, Better Jobs”. What does water have to do with jobs? For one thing, thousands of workers around the world die every year due to inadequate water supply and sanitation at their workplace. Additionally, in many developing areas of the world women and children spend all day […]

How is Barrington Water Treated?

Is Barrington’s water safe to drink? From the reservoir to the tap, Barrington’s water goes through a lot of processing before it reaches you. However, this water treatment puts contaminant levels below legal maximums, but doesn’t always put them below the EPA’s Maximum Contaminant Level Goals (MCLGs). These contaminants include arsenic, trihalomethanes, iron, alpha emitters, […]

Should I Filter My Water?

The New York Times says using a water filter can improve the quality of your water and protect you from contaminants. How else can a water filter improve your water quality?

Lead and Drinking Water in Private Wells

Are private wells safe from lead contamination? Flint, MI is in a state of emergency as numerous children are being diagnosed with lead poisoning. However, lead is found in small amounts throughout earth’s outermost layer, resulting from manufacturing, mining, and other human activities. This means there may be lead in your private well, putting you […]

What Well Owners Should Know

Are you a new well owner and not sure of the proper steps to care for it? No need to worry, it isn’t as tough as you may think. Here are a few things to remember as you go about being a private well owner. 1. Test well water at least once per year. Try […]

Alkaline Water: Fact or Fiction

The facts and fiction behind alkaline water Whether it’s reverse osmosis or straight from the tap, water is an essential part of life. But what does it mean when the water you’re  drinking is alkaline water? Some experts have disputed the benefits of being alkalized but others have experienced its health effects. What is alkaline […]

Aquafina Pays the Price for Plastic

How much money have you wasted on plastic water bottles? After pressure from Corporate Accountability International, Aquafina will be adding the phrase “P.W.S” to their plastic water bottles. This lets consumers know that the bottled water comes straight from the tap. “P.W.S.” is short for public water source and by revealing the secret ingredient in […]

BACOG and Barbara Mahler talk coal tar sealant

Did you know coal tar sealant can harm  aquatic life near you? According to Studies by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) coal tar based sealcoat, the black sealant on top of driveways and asphalt, has been identified as a major source for carcinogens and is toxic to aquatic life. On Wednesday, October 14, 2015 The […]

Women and water in third-world countries

Each day women all over the world travel to a distant water source and return, carrying filled jerry cans on their back. The treck is comprised of long hours and strenuous roads. While these women help members of their village survive, the sanitation and unavailability of water hinders them from living a life of actualization […]

Jordan’s water crisis impacts Syrian refugees

What happens when a country runs out of water?  Jordan, a country facing chronic drought and the consequences of a refugee crisis is one of the most water scarce places on the planet. According to a report by Mercy Corps, the country’s water source is also impacted by extreme waste and overuse. Northern Jordan hosts […]

BACOG Well Water Testing Event: October 13th

BACOG Private Well Water Testing Event: October 13th at the Garlands of Barrington Does your water smell like rotten eggs? How often do you need to chlorinate your well? What does it mean when your water is discolored? How does a septic system work? To answer your questions about water, the Barrington Area Council of […]

What’s in Chicago Water?

Protect yourself from what’s in city water The Department of Water Management is responsible for delivering nearly 1 billion gallons of fresh water to the residents of Chicago and 125 suburban communities every day. But, with bacteria like E Coli and organisms like coliform floating around, is city water as clean as it claims to […]

How to deal with hard water

How does hard water impact your home? Water is considered a universal solvent. As it flows through soil and rock, it dissolves small amounts of minerals and carries the sediment with it. Calcium and magnesium are two of the most common minerals that travel with water and transform it from soft to hard. Do you […]

Water Filtration and the Water Cycle

By Joe Bongiovanni In ancient times it was once thought that all land masses floated atop an endless body of water and rivers formed from water leaking up through the crust. Our understanding of the hydrological cycle, also known more commonly as the water cycle, has grown immensely since then. The water cycle is the […]

The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill

By Joe Bongiovanni Oil spills, chemical leaks, and other human caused environmental disasters seem to be occurring with greater frequency. And although each incident is a “learning opportunity” for prevention, it seems like most large corporations just look at this as a cost of doing business. The Exxon Valdez Oil Spill was one of the […]

What is Reverse Osmosis?

By Joe Bongiovanni Reverse Osmosis Water Systems have been becoming more and more commercially viable each year and are used by over 100 countries in the world. These systems vary greatly in their size and purpose. Residential units range from 2x2x1 for personal use under the sink to waterworks systems the size of a football […]

BP Spilled Oil Into Lake Michigan

By David A. Kaiser Oil spilled because of a malfunction at the Whiting refinery in Indiana, British Petroleum confirmed that a malfunctioning processing unit caused oil to leak into Lake Michigan. Potentially affecting drinking water for 7 million people in Chicago. Cleanup began at a local beach. While an oil sheen wasn’t visible a oil […]

Water Supply Rights in the United States

By Joe Bongiovanni There are tens of thousands of drained rivers and streams across the United States. This is not a new phenomenon Most of these waterways, that once supported all kinds of fish and wildlife, have been empty for over 100 years. In the early 1800’s there was more than enough water for the […]

History of Water Supply and Distribution

By Joe Bongiovanni Humans have thrived on this planet partly due to our ability to use tools and shape our environment to meet our needs. The earliest evidence of this is the transition from a hunting and gathering to an agrarian based lifestyle. Agriculture and farming required plenty of water throughout the growing season. Lack […]

California Drought Affects Drinking Water Supply

By Joe Bongiovanni The drought in California shows no signs of letting up after breaking record after record.  The US Drought Monitor lists 22% of California in a state of exceptional drought with another 66% of the state experiencing extreme drought, the second worst category after exceptional.  2014 has already been one of the driest […]

Microbeads Contaminate Drinking Water and Food Chain of Great Lakes

By Joe Bongiovanni Tiny microbeads, a type of microplastic commonly used in beauty products and facial creams, are reported to be contaminating drinking water supplies throughout the United States. Environmentalists are becoming particularly concerned about the buildup of these particles in the Great Lakes.  The Great Lakes are the largest source of fresh water in […]

San Francisco to Become First City to Ban Bottled Water in US

San Francisco has the ambitious goal of eliminating all landfill waste by 2020. After the city achieved a 50% reduction in waste by 2000, as mandated for the entire state of California, San Francisco set ambitious goals of 75% waste diversion by 2010 and zero waste by 2020. The goals help promote sustainability through the […]

Boil Order Alert for Grayslake, IL

By David A. Kaiser UPDATE, 3:24 p.m. Wednesday: The boil order in effect in Grayslake is expected to remain in effect for the next 36-48 hours, village officials said in a press release issued at 3:14 p.m. Wednesday. Officials said the village’s water system lost pressure just after 12:30 p.m. “A preliminary investigation revealed that a […]

What’s up with Styrene?

By David A. Kaiser #Styrene #drinkingwater #water #carcinogen Styrene is used to make many plastics.  It’s responsible for styrofoam, packing peanuts and also for making plastic cups.  I just read an article saying a judge has made a decision to allow the classification of Styrene to be a carcinogen. A carcinogen is any element or […]

EPA questions the current “safe level” of arsenic in water.

Current level is 10ppb for arsenic in water.  This is deemed “safe”. Arsenic occurs naturally in the ground and can also be the result of contamination of hazardous waste. Water softeners (ion-exchange), activated carbon and reverse osmosis filters can reduce and remove arsenic from drinking water.

What CAN you do about floride in the water?

Reverse osmosis removes fluoride from water. “Let’s be perfectly clear: the best solution to this public health problem is for local governments to stop fluoridating their water.” Water fluoridation is a public health problem. Fluoride is often added to municipal water to reduce tooth-decay in children, but when consumed in water it actually has […]

Water filtration in a backpack!

From: DAYTONA BEACH — A backpack with a water purifier system that can be deployed during natural disasters is one of the latest technologies created by Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University students that won them national recognition. A team of eight engineering students and three professors were one of the 15 winners from universities and colleges […]

Welcome To Angel Water’s First Blog Post.

Thank you for visiting. We have created this blog to provide our customers the most up to date information on water issues that face the Chicagoland area. Our Company goal is to provide education on the approved methods that purify water. In an industry where the internet tends to mislead consumers, our intent is to […]