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Each day women all over the world travel to a distant water source and return, carrying filled jerry cans on their back. The treck is comprised of long hours and strenuous roads. While these women help members of their village survive, the sanitation and unavailability of water hinders them from living a life of actualization and empowerment.

Through women are getting much needed access to safe water and improved sanitation, at home. This series of photos documents life for women in our world, who have faced the water crisis head-on.

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How Does Clean Water Change Lives?

This World Water Day, the theme is “Better Water, Better Jobs”. What does water have to do with jobs? For one thing, thousands of workers around the world die every year due to inadequate water supply and sanitation at their workplace. Additionally, in many developing areas of the world women and children spend all day […]

Jordan’s water crisis impacts Syrian refugees

What happens when a country runs out of water?  Jordan, a country facing chronic drought and the consequences of a refugee crisis is one of the most water scarce places on the planet. According to a report by Mercy Corps, the country’s water source is also impacted by extreme waste and overuse. Northern Jordan hosts […]