By David A. Kaiser III

Hello! Curious about where your bottled water comes from? Me too!

I was just reading an article on about the California drought and was saddened to see that many bottled water manufacturers bottle water from drought-stricken areas! If you know me or my stance on bottled water, you would know that I think this is completely crazy.

Why Is Bottled Water Bad?
  1. The production of plastic bottles is toxic to the environment and to the humans who live around plastic bottle factories.
  2. Drinking water is much cheaper to filter
  3. Bottled water companies reap huge profits selling WATER to people who have tap water available.
  4. The waste from bottled water is HUGE. Less than half of the bottled water today is recycled and eventually finds it way into the ocean.

California drought where bottled water companies bottle and sell water.

Many times people buy bottled water instead of choosing tap water. Why?

Reasons People Buy Bottled Water
  1. People say “It tastes better”
  2. Or that there’s the perception that bottled water is safe
  3. Convenience

I’m certainly guilty of buying bottled water in the past and always make an effort since being part of Angel Water to take water with me. I have two glass water bottles that I use all the time and love to give them as gifts to friends. As a person who’s in the water industry, I can say for certain many people who even filter their water at home, from the tap, still, buy bottled water and I wonder why?

Please let me know your thoughts on the subject, I’m curious also to know what you think about bottled water vs filtered water.

Also if you need a water filter, I’d like to recommend to everyone an at least carbon filter, ultrafilter or the best, certified reverse osmosis filter.

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