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Reverse osmosis removes fluoride from water. “Let’s be perfectly clear: the best solution to this public health problem is for local governments to stop fluoridating their water.”

Water fluoridation is a public health problem.

Fluoride is often added to municipal water to reduce tooth-decay in children, but when consumed in water it actually has very little effect on dental health. The chemical is most effective when applied directly to teeth in toothpaste or mouth-rinse.

A growing body of evidence demonstrates the known and potential health consequences of fluoridated water:

    • permanent fluoride spotting on teeth (called dental fluorosis) is common and generally innocuous
    • A 2006 National Research Council review indicated that long-term exposure to fluoride in water increases bone fracture rates.
    • The same review concluded that fluoride might also affect thyroid, immune, and endocrine systems.
    • Perhaps of greatest concern is a 2006 peer-reviewed study by four Harvard scientists and medical doctors indicating a correlation between fluoride exposure and increased incidence of osteosarcoma — a dangerous bone cancer — in boys.

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