By David A. Kaiser III

Can you think of the last time you drank some water and it tasted funky or weird? I remember a few times in my life the water tasted really good or really bad. It reminds me of a time when it was a hot summer day, I was thirsty and had that sticky mouth feeling going on. Yum! The hose that I had been using earlier in the day to do yard work, looked like an oasis as it sat there in the blazing hot sun and decided it would be best to take a swig from it to relieve my thirst. I picked up the end of the hose and pulled it towards my face while simultaneously reaching over to turn on the water. Suddenly, I felt the rush of HOT, hose tasting, hose smelling water enter my mouth. Yuck! I immediately spat the water out and was disgusted that the water was hot and that it tasted like the hose! In hindsight I should have waited for the hose to produce water first, allowing the hose to clear of stale water and to maybe flush out any debris in the hose.

It wasn’t until years later, working at Angel Water, that I realized water absorbs EVERYTHING it touches. Well maybe not everything, not glass or stainless steel, but certainly absorbs the chemicals from plastics, the garden hose I was using, maybe bits of the brass holding hoses together and brass contains lead, maybe I was drinking some of that too! YUMM! How many times have you innocently drank water from the hose?

funny water pic with hose

So when I read this story about the funky tasting water and it being a sudden change, I knew that the source of the water had to be different.

But taste is subjective.  What tastes good to one person might taste bad to another. Such as the debate over cilantro. Some people are like “oh yeah, add more cilantro to my food” and some are like “cilantro is gross” and to the cilantro haters they think cilantro tastes like dirty bath water. Such as the taste of well water. Some people really love the taste of well water, straight from the hose.  I have to admit, I like the taste of most ground water and there are others who agree with me.

Why do we like the taste of ground water or whats commonly called well water? Because sometimes it tastes like an expensive bottle of artesian water. What makes the water taste so good? Minerals. Mineral water and artesian water are filled with minerals from the ground like calcium, magnesium, salt and potassium.

Why do some hate the taste of ground water? Some say they are “grossed out” by drinking water from the ground and its a mental thing or their water is really bad and has a rotten egg odor because their ground water has bad smell or earthy taste to it. Nobody likes that kind of water. When we’ve eaten something that was very nasty we tend to stay away from it in the future.

What water do I drink today? I drink water from our reverse osmosis system at the office, and also drink water that been filtered at home. At the gym, I use the bottle station to drink water.

I just hope that those in California never loose the thirst for clean healthy filtered ground water instead of buying expensive unsustainable bottled water.

If you have a “best tasting water” or “worst tasting water” story I’d love to hear it!!

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