By David A. Kaiser

If your first impression of drinking recycled water from the toilet makes you gross out. Don’t worry. Have you realized that NASA has been recycling waste water for decades? The Texas town of Wichita is running out of water. Their main source of water in Lake Arrowhead is at 27% capacity and are desperate for clean water. They’re turning to waste water to add 5 million gallons of clean water back into their water supply.

Scientists admit recycled water poses a “psychological issue to get past” but, after tasting it “many, many times,” you can’t tell it apart from any other water. “It’s not urine anymore,”  “It’s water.” says Bob Bagdigian. “I very much understand (public) squeamishness,” – Bob Bagdigian of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center – From: “On tap in space: Urine will not go to waste” –

Wichita’s goal is to blend 50% recycled water with 50% fresh water. This should mitigate the problem of the town completely running out of water and having to truck in the water like other Texas towns have done in the last year.

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