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Should I Filter My Water?

The New York Times says using a water filter can improve the quality of your water and protect you from contaminants. How else can a water filter improve your water quality?

What’s in Chicago Water?

Protect yourself from what’s in city water The Department of Water Management is responsible for delivering nearly 1 billion gallons of fresh water to the residents of Chicago and 125 suburban communities every day. But, with bacteria like E Coli and organisms like coliform floating around, is city water as clean as it claims to […]

Does my reverse osmosis need maintenance?

Tips on maintaining a reverse osmosis filter Many of our customers ask does my reverse osmosis system (RO) need maintenance? The answer is always yes. There are several layers to a reverse osmosis filter and each one is designed to remove impurities and improve the water quality of your home. Without regular checkups and cleaning […]

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