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By working together Water Aid and The People’s Operator (TPO) have created a new way to give back to third world communities, and it starts on your cell phone.

The People’s Operator now provides customers the option of directing ten percent of their monthly mobile bill to nonprofit companies. One of those companies is Water Aid, a global foundation that works with third world countries by providing them with safer options for water and education about sanitation.

This picture was taken by Anna Kari of Water Aid.

This picture was taken by Anna Kari of Water Aid and shows how your contribution can help third world communities.

“We’re excited to be partnering with WaterAid to deliver goodness with every connection. By selecting WaterAid, TPO subscribers have the option to transform lives—making clean water and toilets a reality for people living in some of the world’s poorest, most marginalized communities in the world,” said Mark Epstein, CEO and co-founder, The People’s Operator.

Besides Water Aid, TPO also works with a list of non-profit companies including; the World Wild Life Federation, Wounded Warrior Project and Children’s Health Fund. In 2014 TPO partnered with Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia. Since then the company has built an online global community focused on delivering goodness with every connection.

“It’s an exciting and innovative model that gives mobile customers the ability to support causes that are meaningful to them without spending any additional money,” said WaterAid America CEO, Sarina Prabasi.

Besides providing third world communities with better options for sanitation and hygiene the monthly donations from mobile users will free women and girls from the burden of collecting water. The hope is that by lessening the need for water, women and girls will find time to attend schools and educate themselves on practices for better living.

If you are interested in contributing to Water Aid through TPO, check out their website, Facebook or Twitter.

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