By Joe Bongiovanni

Lake Michigan is the largest sources of Clean Drinking Water in the United States and one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. It is one of 5 interconnected lakes of the Great Lakes, also known as Laurentian Great Lakes. Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario are located in northeastern North America along the US-Canada border. This system of waterways is the largest of freshwater lakes in the world and contain nearly 21% of its surface fresh water (84% of North America’s fresh water supply). Retreating ice during the end of the last glacial period carved out the lakes as we know them today. The lakes are used for everything from transportation to fishing to Clean Drinking Water.

Great Lakes - Largest Source of Clean Drinking WaterLake Michigan is the only lake completely in US territory and is surrounded by the states of Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, and Michigan. French explorer Jean Nicolet is credited with being the first non-native to reach the lake in the 1630s. The lake is connected to the Atlantic Ocean by a series of locks and to Gulf of Mexico by the Mississippi and Illinois Rivers. Lake Michigan is host to a diverse population of fish that supports both sports fishing and commercial fisheries. Invasive species like the Asian Carp pose a significant risk that could cost the Great Lakes billions annually. There are also over 12 million people that live along Lake Michigan’s shores and even more that get their Drinking Water from it.

The Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Basin Water Resources Compact, more commonly known as the Great Lakes Compact, was signed on December 13, 2005. It was a series of agreement that bound Canadian Provinces and US States around the Great Lakes to single management pact. Under the agreement, the US passed a compact that was later signed into law by then President George W. Bush. This legally binding compact details how the water supply of the Great Lakes Basin is used and distributed among member states.

Although Lake Michigan may be one of the largest sources of Clean Drinking Water on the planet, that does not always mean it is the safest. Each city in Illinois that gets its Water from Lake Michigan has a different process for treating the water. And it is even more concerning to hear stories about pollution, like the BP Oil Spill into Lake Michigan. To ensure Clean Drinking Water for you family, Call Angel Water at (847) 382-7800 today!