You’ve probably felt annoyed before by how long it takes the water in your sink or shower to heat up, but did you know a typical U.S. household wastes 12,000 to 38,000 gallons of water every year waiting for hot water? This costs you time and money, and also harms the environment as well. The solution? A hot water recirculation system from Angel Water makes hot water instantly available at fixtures as well as appliances like dishwashers and washing machines. It takes only two hours to install, is silent and maintenance-free, and saves you money in the long run by improving water and energy efficiency. Inquire about an Angel Water hot water recirculation system today!

Are you wasting water and valuable time waiting for the shower to heat up? Are you tired of waiting for hot water at the sink? We can install a water circulation system that eliminates the hassle!

Especially with the frigid winters we face in the Chicago area, having hot water instantly available at sinks, appliances and bathroom faucets is the ultimate in convenience.

In some environmentally conscious households with water conservation equipment installed, warming up the water can take a long time! We don’t think you should be penalized for trying to limit your ecological footprint and for eco-friendly households, a professionally installed hot water recirculation system can shave precious minutes off of your morning routine.

The efficiency and overall effectiveness of household appliances like washing machines and dishwashers is often drastically improved by having hot water available instantly. Not only that, but you can save energy by setting the 24 hour programmable timer making hot water instantly available during peak demand times, such as early morning and in the evening.

Our recirculation pumps can be installed by a certified contractor in about two hours and boast a wet rotor design for whisper-quiet and maintenance-free operation. The stainless steel rotor cladding and canister construction, an exclusive feature, ensures corrosion-resistance and extended product durability.

A specially engineered motor and precision flow technology ensures that your water heater operating costs, wear on your pipes and water heater as well as  energy consumption are all minimized.

All of this combines to provide significant water (and sewer) disposal savings, by retaining the 12,000 to 38,000 gallons of water a typical U.S. home wastes while they are waiting for hot water every year. Because of the ecological benefits and the obvious convenience for homeowners, some fast-growing counties are even making the installation of hot water recirculation pumps mandatory for all new construction projects!

Hot Water Recirculation is a powerful technology for energy savings and household efficiency, but it is only one of the many auxiliary water systems available through Angel Water Inc.  We have a team of certified plumbers and dedicated water quality specialists who are waiting to help you make the most of the water source your home has.