If the government poisoned your family, would you take it lying down? Not a chance. That’s why, after officials switched Flint, MI to a contaminated water source and inflicted lead poisoning on an entire generation of residents, people are petitioning for something to be done. Donations have poured in to help the city recover, but nothing can reverse the effects of lead exposure. Sign the petition, and protect yourself from lead as well with a whole house water system from Angel Water!

Flint, Michigan is facing a serious crisis. Their water is contaminated with lead and irreversible damage has occurred to the brains and bodies of children, according to a letter from Michael Moore.

The conscious decision to cut the old mining town off from Detroit’s water supply and replace it with contaminated water from the Flint River was made by Gov. Rick Snyder. Because of his choice, Flint residents have been ingesting contaminated water since April 2014.

Ripple effects of childhood lead poisoning.

Ripple effects of childhood lead poisoning.

Contaminating water for a time-span of two years would have never occurred in an affluent neighborhood or major city. As a penny-pinching vulture, Rick Snyder and politicians like him relied on the ambivalence, disengagement and socioeconomic status of Flint’s residents.

Much support has been given to Flint and for that, residents are truly grateful. According to a letter from Michael Moore, the Detroit Lions donated 100,000 bottles of water while celebrities like Puff Daddy and Mark Wahlberg donated over 1,000,000 each.

People want to help Flint, but the truth is they can’t. There’s no doctor, prescription or monetary donation that can restore the brains and bodies of innocent people.

Lead poisoning is a serious thing and the people who have suffered its wrath will live a life sentence of low cognitive function, higher disease rates and unnecessary pain. These health complications will most likely limit Flint residents from better job opportunities, higher education and basic human rights.

But instead of flooding their community with plastic water bottles, consider signing a petition against the politicians who caused this catastrophe and make a bigger impact on the future. Over 456,785 U.S. citizens have already expressed their sentiment through signatures and believe the politicians who made this choice should be held accountable.

If this crisis impacted you or family, would you remain calm or would you take action? Would you demand change or would you wait for someone to step in and do it for you? If you believe the citizens of Flint, Michigan have been harmed get involved, so that this does not happen to you.