BACOG Private Well Water Testing Event: October 13th at the Garlands of Barrington
Does your water smell like rotten eggs? How often do you need to chlorinate your well? What does it mean when your water is discolored? How does a septic system work?

To answer your questions about water, the Barrington Area Council of Governments (BACOG) has partnered with the Lake County Health Department laboratories to help educate you on how to keep your water safe.

They’ll be providing test kits with pick up starting October 5th through October 8th at any BACOG village or township office, during regular office hours. Test kits cost $12 and only cash or checks will be accepted. Please make checks payable to “Lake Country Health Department.”

Drop off your test kit on October 13th between 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and stay for a presentation on the common misconceptions of water. The Owner and President of Angel Water, Andrew Wilson, will be participating in a Q&A on wells, septic systems and home water treatment systems.

Tom Copenhaver and Arnie Rapa of the Lake County Health Department will also be speaking on the importance of testing your drinking water for bacteria and nitrates.

Come prepared to ask questions about:
• The difference between groundwater and well water
• How often should water be tested?
• How does contamination occur in well water?
• What is the best option for a water filtration system?

This event provides all residents an opportunity to educate themselves on the importance of clean water. By testing your water you will learn about the impurities, chemicals and compounds that could be impacting the quality of your life.

Square Logo by Angel WaterFor more information on the event visit or call (847) 381-7871
For more information on water purification in Barrington visit

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