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How much money have you wasted on plastic water bottles?

"P.W.S" will now be printed on the Aquafina water bottle to show that the water comes from a public water source.

After pressure from Corporate Accountability International, Aquafina will be adding the phrase “P.W.S” to their plastic water bottles. This lets consumers know that the bottled water comes straight from the tap.

“P.W.S.” is short for public water source and by revealing the secret ingredient in their water, Aquifina will be held more accountable for marketing practices while identifying their use of a public water source.

“If this helps clarify the fact that the water originates from public sources, then it’s a reasonable thing to do,” PepsiCo pep spokeswoman Michelle Naughton said Friday.

According to the American Water Works Association, “almost 2/3 of all bottled water sales are single 16.9oz (500 mL) bottles” which means consumers are paying inflated prices for bottled tap water while rapidly increasing rates of pollution.

As an alternative to plastic water bottles, Angel Water offers a reverse osmosis water filtration system. The reverse osmosis water filtration system will remove pollutants from your water while reinfusing it with minerals like calcium and magnesium.

To curb the negative impact plastic water bottles have on our planet, corporate accountability group is also encouraging other plastic water bottle companies like Dasani to reveal the original source of their water.

Inverse reports that Aquafina responded by saying, “It originates from public water sources and is then purified through a rigorous, seven-step purification process called Hydro-7™. That is not the “same water you get in your bathroom sink.”

A 2013 study commissioned by World Wildlife Fund International questioned whether the final products of professionally bottled versions were healthier noting that there were “are more standards regulating tap water in Europe and the United States than those applied to the bottled water industry.”

Regardless of the quality of tap or bottled water, avoiding plastic water bottles will not contribute to the 35 million plastic water bottles that are dumped in landfills each year.

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